Since it has been asked…

So I got asked the other day to give a little more detail on myself. Ugh, not really my favorite subject. I really like FOOD better, which is really why I started this thing, food. FOOD. FOOD!

Keto Pumpkin maple whoopie pies

I’m rapidly approaching 50, but at times feel like I’m 17. I have a variety of interests besides food – cars, motorcycles, gardening (I guess that IS food related, huh?), breaking things and trying to fix them, fitness, science, and I’m sure other things that just aren’t right here in my hobbit brain right now. The label the Hobbit, that came from The Lady (who I haven’t gotten permission to post her pic so you’ll just have to make one up in your mind 🙂 ) after looking at my feet one day. They are a little wide. We had recently watched LoTH and she said ‘you have hobbit feet, you’re kind of a spaz, you love food, and you look like a hobbit.’ It stuck. I kinda like it :). I call her ‘The Precious.’

We live in northern New England in an almost-tiny-house, it’s over 600sq ft (barely) so it really isn’t a tiny house by definition, but it is small. We like it, except for all the snow :(.

2014-02-19 13.19.01
2014-11-26 15.02.47

Yup, that’s the Hobbitmobile right there. Any surprise a little man has a big truck? My other Hobbitmobile is probably more fitting, what do you think? Right now it’s not with us, but I hope soon to bring it back the House of Hobbit and The Precious. Probably should tone down the color a little bit, huh?

2012-10-15 16.55.52-1

We are minimalist, the less clutter the happier we are. With such limited space, there’s not a lot of space for clutter. We have a bathroom, bedroom, living room, a room we don’t really know what to do with so it has the exercise bike and chest freezer, and a small kitchen. Quite small really, even the stove is 5/8ths size. Yes, this is where the Hobbit plays with food.

2014-05-27 08.41.23

There is an attic but it is neither heated or cooled so it’s just storage, plus the stairs going up are a bitch.

2014-05-27 08.40.53

We live in a location that isn’t even a town, our post office is in another town 20 miles away, the closest Walmart is about an 45 minutes away, and anything worth getting to is a drive. Quite a drive. It’s peaceful and quiet, we have a river at the back of the property that has a nice selection of trout and other freshwater fish. I like to fish when the bugs aren’t too bad. I’ve only fallen in once :).


No one really comes to see us out here, we are both rather introverted, plus no one can seem to find us except for these guys:

2015-08-11 16.39.39

And I built a firepit last year, still haven’t used it. The Lady doesn’t trust me with matches :(.

2014-07-20 14.00.37

I work in IT from home, it’s a pretty good deal. I get paid to play on my computer all day in sweats and a t-shirt. No commuting. No having to pack a lunch. No having to use a shared bathroom :). The Lady is the homemaker, she does all the cooking during the week, makes sure I stay in line – that’s a full-time job right there – and is very crafty. She knits, sews, makes all our health and beauty supplies, as well as makes some killer meals. I’m hoping she will let me share them sometime.

2014-12-14 18.02.34

2013-10-15 11.26.31

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  1. JT says:

    This is great to see. Thanks for sharing.

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