The Keto Iron Chef’s Martabak Bangka

Had just finished the chest day with reverse exhausting and reach muscles failure faster Thinking of making another keto-dessert..☺ Martabak Bangka.. Thats it 😀 Have been dreaming of it since starting ketogenic.. but now I want to make the Martabak Bangka in the Keto-Cuisine Style BOOM Here goes the recipe

The Keto Iron Chef’s Dessert Pizza

Well it’s another Keto-Dessert Pizza But with a NEW CRUST formula Hmmm.. so delicious & Crispy Keto-Dessert Pizza (New Crust) My Home made ketogenic pizza Starch Free, Gluten Free, Sugar Free & Very Low Carbohydrate

The Keto Iron Chef’s Onde-Onde (Asian Fried Dumplings)

My Asian Keto-Meals Good morning (at my time) Its time to make some new “ketofied” recipes This time I want to share about one of indonesian most favorite snack which called onde-onde This snack is actually very high carbed insulin spiker snack that I had been avoiding for 2 years.. but now using my New…

The Keto Iron Chef’s Keto-Chapati Dessert

As a request from a friend on the ketogenic group, today I’m making Keto-Chapati (Roti Canai), which origin from India This bread is usually eaten with Lamb Curry or other spicy curry dishes I’m excited to try this one, coz the bread will have flaky appearance and texture almost similar to those croissant and danish…

Keto Iron Chef’s Keto-Crocinnabuns

Well this is the 3rd attempt I had ever made to make a hybrid of croissant pastry with cinnamon rolls in a ketofied way, which unfortunately always fails before And yesterday I finally succeed …Eurekaaaa…LOL The trick was using a very cold water for making the croissant dough, so the yeast will be suspended on…