Hobbit’s Crispy Asian-style noodles (Iron Giant Dough)

The next installment of Iron Giant (sorry, the rest will have to wait until I can go shopping for more supplies, hopefully before the weekend) is ready. I used to love to snack on bags of crispy chow mein and flat Asian noodles in my prior way of life. Sadly, the carbs on those are…

Hobbit’s Keto Stuffing

I’m in a little bit of a hurry to get these posted so if someone is inclined to try them for the holiday, they have a little more time so no long winded, Hobbity rambling. You’re welcome 🙂 Let’s get right to the point, one of the hardest things with Turkey Day is stuffing. Bread….

Getting ready for the holidays – who wants keto dinner rolls?

The Lady is back under the weather today. She was doing better then BAM! this morning she’s stuffy and congested :(. She blames me, lol. I went shopping last night, she suspects I brought a different strain of the flu home from a shopping cart of something. She might have a point, she’s never sick…until…

Cauli-tots that actually TASTE GOOD!

As many keto people already know, one of the go-to ingredients that is more versatile than the rest of the world knows is the humble cauliflower. In other circles, its use is reserved for a companion to broccoli or deep fried next to other veggies (and I have a variation on that one coming soon!)….

Protein Pasta!!!

I miss pasta. A lot. Like Lady and the Tramp missing pasta. That chewy goodness. The way it holds whatever sauce it is used with and keeps the flavor close. Hell, I used to eat the stuff plain! But, as I’ve discovered, wheat and gluten, not the best things. So, what about GF pasta? Carbs…